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Everything Points HERE

If you know how to have fun, dream big, and work hard, make it a point to join us here. 
Where is here? We thought you would never ask!
Here consists of Plover, Amherst, Rosholt, Stevens Point, and the surrounding area.
We like to relax, experience all four seasons outdoors, be with friends, enjoy fall colors, eat good food and
drink craft beverages, oh, and yes-- work with talented people.
Let us get to the point,  join us here where you can choose your best you!

Latest Blogs

Discover & Explore
Jul 16, 2020
New schools enhance learning, networking, career exploring at UW-Stevens Point

UW-Stevens Point is offering its students a new interdisciplinary approach with expanded opportunities for exploring career paths in related fields.

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Jul 09, 2020 City of Stevens Point News
Stevens Point One of Most Budget-Friendly Cities for Renters

Before becoming homeowners, most people rent a house or apartment. Renting is a great stepping stone to homeownership because they can accumulate the savings necessary while also learning their living preferences. The only way to save enough to eventually buy a house is to live in a city that has access to high-paying jobs and relatively affordable rent costs. That's where Stevens Point comes in...

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Jun 26, 2020 Rose - Portage County Business Council Intern
My First Blog as an Intern

When things change drastically, our mental health feels the changes more quickly than our body does. Our mind is the strength to our perseverance. My mind helped me let go of all the fears, insecurities, and doubts that came with COVID-19 and allowed me to focus on my path.

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