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Stevens Point One of Most Budget-Friendly Cities for Renters

Jul 09, 2020 City of Stevens Point News

Before becoming homeowners, most people rent a house or apartment. Renting is a great stepping stone to homeownership because they can accumulate the savings necessary while also learning their living preferences. The only way to save enough to eventually buy a house is to live in a city that has access to high-paying jobs and relatively affordable rent costs. That's where Stevens Point comes in...

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My First Blog as an Intern

Jun 26, 2020 Rose - Portage County Business Council Intern

When things change drastically, our mental health feels the changes more quickly than our body does. Our mind is the strength to our perseverance. My mind helped me let go of all the fears, insecurities, and doubts that came with COVID-19 and allowed me to focus on my path.

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The Importance of Internships

Jun 26, 2020 Melissa - Portage County Business Council Intern

Many undergraduates don’t realize the value of having an internship until it’s too late. Through the connections that UW-Stevens Point has with the community and local businesses, I was able to find and complete two internships during my college career. The experience I gained from these amazing opportunities helped me realize firsthand why internships are so important - and why every college student should try to get one before they graduate.

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The C's of Life: Cuisine, Caffeine, Cold-Ones and Culture

Jun 26, 2020 Arianna - Portage County Business Council Intern

There are so many amazing places in this area... Here are some of my “must visit” places if you are traveling to (or living in) the Stevens Point area broken up into the C’s of life; Cuisine, Caffeine, Cold-Ones, and Culture.

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UW-Stevens Point will offer in-person classes in fall

Jun 12, 2020 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Communications and Marketing

UW-Stevens Point campuses will welcome students to its three campuses this fall. Comprehensive plans are being developed to guide the safe return to campus by students, faculty and staff members.

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Mid-State Technical College and UW-Stevens Point collaborate on enhanced transfer opportunities

Jun 09, 2020 Mid-State Technical College and UW-Stevens Point

Mid-State Technical College and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point have partnered to help students interested in transferring from Mid-State to UW-Stevens Point for degrees in a growing number of programs.

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UW-Stevens Point School of Education again ranked second in the nation

Jun 05, 2020 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Communications and Marketing

The education program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point was ranked second in the nation for the second year in a row. UW-Stevens Point offers bachelor's degrees for education within early childhood, elementary, science, social studies, English, music, foreign languages and other areas, as well as a master's degree and a doctoral degree in Educational Sustainability.

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Courage in your Life

May 20, 2020 Arianna - Portage County Business Council Intern

“Courage is being afraid, but showing up anyways” - Rachel Hollis

Everyone could use some courage in their life. In order to find courage, you must first evaluate your perspective and mindset. I was fortunate enough to attend a Rise-X-Live conference hosted by the Hollis Company - aka, my spiritual human, Rachel Hollis. As a recent college graduate from UW - Stevens Poin - I NEEDED this. 

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Maintaining a Work-Life Balance While in Quarantine

May 19, 2020 Melissa - Portage County Business Council Intern

While this “new normal” of working remotely may have its perks, it also has its downsides. Many people are struggling to maintain a work-life balance while working from home. Maintaining this balance is critical while working remotely. 

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How You can Help Small Businesses

Apr 16, 2020 Melissa - Portage County Business Council Intern

It’s heartbreaking to see small businesses struggling for survival. Their owners overcame numerous obstacles and worked incredibly hard to get where they are today. We need to support small businesses – and one another – more than ever.

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#HowWiHelp Movement

Mar 31, 2020

Wisconsin is full of friendly, kind and compassionate people. That’s just who we are. And when we’re faced with challenges, our true colors shine even brighter. Across the entire state, Wisconsinites are working to lift each other up and provide support to one another in unique ways.

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Productivity While Working at Home

Mar 27, 2020 Arianna - Portage County Business Council Intern

With so many people isolating themselves in their homes trying to balance work, classes, kids, whatever it may be, it can be difficult to stay on task and be productive! Here are some tips to help you stay proactive about COVID-19 and your situation, while kicking butt and taking names!

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Why I Chose UWSP

Mar 17, 2020 Arianna, Portage County Business Council Intern 

As my last semester at UW-Stevens Point ends, I find myself reflecting on the opportunities and experiences in this cozy town. Stevens Point may not have been my Plan A, or even my Plan B, but I will forever be thankful that my “plan” turned into a journey I had never expected!

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From a PCBC Intern - About Me and Why UWSP

Mar 09, 2020 Melissa - Portage County Business Council Intern

Hello! My name is Melissa and I am a senior at UW-Stevens Point. As soon as I toured UW-Stevens Point, I could tell it was different than other colleges. I got the sense that the faculty and administrators at UWSP didn’t just see me as another enrollment number - it felt like they actually cared about me as a person, and wanted to see me succeed both academically and in my future career.

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An Intern's Blog

Feb 19, 2020 Arianna - Portage County Business Council Intern

What are your plans after college? Where would you like to live? Where do you see yourself in ten years? These are all questions that have been lingering in my subconscious since the start of my Senior year at UW-Stevens Point (UWSP).

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The Skyward team may be creating a better experience for millions of people around the world, but their roots are local.

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Iverson Park Winter Sports Area, Goerke Park outdoor rink and the new downtown ice rink are officially open for the season.

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UW-Stevens Point students enjoy making Stevens Point their second home. The community ranked highly in a list of best college and university cites by WalletHub.

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Celebrate the new year by learning how to cross-country ski at UW-Stevens Point’s Treehaven field station on Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020.

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With a $1.5 million pledge from the Sentry Foundation and a rent-free lease from the Village of Plover, the Stevens Point Curling Club has announced it will be breaking ground in April on a new state-of-the-art curling center in Plover, Wis., which will be named the Sentry Curling Center.

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Cornerstone Press, the student-staffed publishing company at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will launch its newest book this week.

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This December, learn how favorite holiday traditions originated throughout the world at the UW-Stevens Point’s Allen F. Blocher Planetarium.

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Concerts will be held at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point this December. All concerts will be at 7:30 p.m. in Michelsen Hall in the Noel Fine Arts Center, 1800 Portage St., Stevens Point. 

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Worzalla Publishing, Stevens Point, broke ground on a new addition to their facility. They will be adding 50 jobs.

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Everything Points Here Digital Ad Campaign

Sep 05, 2019 Portage County Business Council

See the new video starring Lauren Gilchrist promoting Nursing and Medical Professional jobs in Portage County.

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The next stop...Silver Coach, where you’ll find one of the state’s most unique dining experiences. 

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Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and their team plan to film episodes of the hitseries American Pickers throughout Wisconsin in October 2019.

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Join in the second annual SentryWorld/Special Olympics Wisconsin Golf and Pickleball Classic on Tuesday, September 10 at SentryWorld in Stevens Point. Registration is now open online at www.SpecialOlympicsWisconsin.org/SentryWorld. All proceeds will go to Special Olympics Wisconsin.

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Your Future Points Here

Jun 24, 2019 Portage County Business Council

See Lauren Gilchrist of Skyward talking about why your future points here.

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SentryWorld Golf Course Ranked in Top 100 by Golf Digest

Jun 07, 2019 Portage County Business Council

SentryWorld consistently ranks as one of the best destination golf courses in the nation, making America's 100 Greatest Public Courses published by Golf Digest for 2019-20. 

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7 Wisconsin Breweries Worth Visiting

Apr 26, 2019 By Daniel Rose Special to TravelWisconsin.com

The explosion of microbreweries in Wisconsin truly exemplifies the state’s diverse and fun-loving spirit. According to the Brewers’ Association, there are about a hundred craft breweries operating in the state.

Below, we’ve selected seven breweries (and beers) that deserve to be included in your next Wisconsin road trip.

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Blind taste test of 18 Wisconsin-brewed Oktoberfest beers.

Sep 13, 2018 Daniel Higgins - Stevens Point Journal

I want three things from an Oktoberfest-style beer. It should be big on malt flavors. It should be fairly creamy. It should be devoid of bitterness. Oh, and a fourth: It should finish clean. With that in mind, I did a blind tasting of 18 Oktoberfest beers from Wisconsin breweries.

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Why Education

Sep 01, 2018 Todd Kuckkahn

I remember traveling to my student-teaching assignment at Madison Memorial High School. I grew up in the then small town of Verona so practicing my craft at an enormous school like Memorial made me a bit more apprehensive. To make matters worse, Pink Floyd’s song, “We Don’t Need No Education”, was blasting on my radio. Every fall that scene comes back into my mind as the school year gets rolling.

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Group Fitness is “Community”

Sep 05, 2018 Renee Giese

Group Fitness is becoming more and more popular in fitness facilities everywhere. New classes are popping up all the time and fitness companies are trying to find new ways to bring people together to workout. But why?

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A point is the beginning of a journey. Everything points here on yours. Even at its origin, this community was founded on a point along the majestic Wisconsin River. You will find that everything points you here.

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