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“One of the things that I love about Portage County is that it has always had a diverse community and a diverse industry base. I’ve never had a desire to live and work anywhere else.”

 - John Hartman Owner,
Contemporary Photography

The point is . . . . Jobs

Considering a career in scenic Central Wisconsin? Look no further! If you are desiring a career in urban forestry or insurance, public relations or agriculture, business administration or any other career, Portage County has the job for you. Portage County is located in beautiful Central Wisconsin which offers job seekers short commutes, modern and traditional housing options, and many indoor and outdoor leisure activities.

In Portage County, you can find your dream job, as well as professional organizations, business development opportunities, and neighborhoods that fit your every need. Whether you are a professional with years of experience, a young talented individual looking for your first job, a skilled or unskilled laborer-- Portage County is looking for your expertise, and we have the careers you want. Bring your talent and become a part of the economic development and growth in Portage County

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