Group Fitness is “Community”

Group Fitness is becoming more and more popular in fitness facilities everywhere. New classes are popping up all the time and fitness companies are trying to find new ways to bring people together to workout. But why?

There is something to be said for the fact that nearly every gym has some type of group exercise class. Whether it’s a boot camp or yoga class, the fitness world knows there are many benefits to group fitness. Here are 6 reasons why you should add group fitness into your regular workout routine:

  1. Accountability- Having a regularly scheduled time for workouts is helpful in staying consistent. Because it is scheduled, you are more likely to make time for it. More consistency=better results! Meeting a friend for class is also a great way to stay accountable. No one wants to let a friend down, and your friends will remind you if you haven’t made it to class in a few weeks!

  1. Motivation- When everyone is working hard, it is easy to get fired up and work hard too! Everyone is there to exercise and support one another. The energy is palpable. It is also fun to dive into our competitive natures and try to keep up with our neighbors! Don’t let Sally do more burpees than you!

  1. Variety- The number of different group classes available is astounding! There truly is something for everyone in group fitness. If you don’t like one style, there are plenty others. Taking a step away from your usual routine will help to keep working out interesting and most branded group fitness classes regularly change up their routines to keep the class fresh and to keep the participants seeing results!

  1. Education- Going to a new class is a great way to add to your normal routine! New exercises will be introduced and form is explained and coached in detail. This will lower the chance of injury and allow personal growth in solo workouts. No more getting stuck in the same old workout routine!

  1. Socialization- Group fitness classes bring people together! You never know who you might meet! There is so much potential to meet new friends and workout buddies. I’ll even bet there has been a romance or two that has budded from a group fitness class!

  1. Group fitness is great for your health- Exercise is important for good health mentally and physically. With all the perks of group fitness members are more likely to experience the benefits of exercise because they are able to stay more consistent. This then leads to improved anxiety and depression as well as lowered stress levels. Not to mention more confidence and the sense of accomplishment!

With all these great benefits, you can see that there is a reason group fitness classes are so popular and continue to grow in the industry! If you ever find yourself getting bored with your normal routine or   wondering, “what should I do now?” get yourself to a class and liven things up! You’ll be glad you did!

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Written By: Renee Giese – NASM-CPT, AFAA-PGE, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Supervisor Adventure 212

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